Cartoonized portrait image of Nikolaos Anastopoulos

Nikolaos Anastopoulos

Informatics Enthusiast

I’m a programmer in my early-forties living in Athens, Greece. I like developing unique and modern web applications in Ruby and its Rails framework. I also love playing music, especially while performing for my friends.

In the last 17 years I’ve touched every aspect of the development life cycle doing analysis and design of management information systems, implementation in various languages and technologies, testing and maintenance on third-party and self-developed projects. Moreover, I performed consulting work on quality assurance and have done some system administration on production systems. By the way, I'm an alumnus of both the American College of Greece and the Hellenic Open University, where I studied Business Administration and Computer Science respectively.

Since 2013 I'm working with GaggleAMP currently being in charge of the product development team. I take the blame for the architecture of some of our products. GaggleAMP makes brand advocacy software, specializing in social media engagement and reach amplification. I love it there 🙂

I seek family happiness in life while I care for sharing knowledge and experience with like-minded people.